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A directory of places to find calm in a noisy world

More than 30% of the urban population is exposed to noise levels higher than recommended by the WHO.

Take a moment to reflect on the last time you truly enjoyed a peaceful, stress-free environment, free from noise and distractions. How long has it been since you experienced a restful night's sleep? Noise pollution is directly impacting your quality of life.

That's why Kalm Places was born. To share the places that bring us peace, invite us to silence, and help us combat the noise problem. Because these places exist and are waiting to be discovered.

Welcome to Kalm Places — the directory that connects you to tranquility and silence.

Join the community of people looking to break free from noise and attention span. Improve well-being and achieve your goals.

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Help me build a directory that honors the value of silence. Share your kalm places with me. Note: all submissions are manually curated before appearing on the map.

If you have a lot of places, I understand that it can be quite annoying to add them one by one. You can send me and email to suggest@kalmplaces.com and I will add them.